Frutta | Gabriele De Santis, Dear Michael,
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Dear Michael,, 2014, Installation View, Frutta

Dear Michael,, 2014, Installation View, Frutta

Dear Michael,, 2014, Installation View, Frutta

Dear Michael,, 2014, Installation View, Frutta

Dear Michael,, 2014, Installation View, Frutta,

Dear Michael,, 2014, Installation View, Frutta

Dear Michael,, 2014, Installation View, Frutta

Love Bags, 2014, Bags, Mp3 Player, Mp3 File, Bag (pink): 37 x 28 x 18 cm, Bag (blue): 45 x 26 x18 cm, Mp3 File: 2 mins 54 secs

  • 10 March – 10 May 2014

    Frutta is thrilled to present ‘Dear Michael,’ – the second solo show at the gallery by Gabriele De Santis.

    Friday, March 14, 2014
    Hermosa Beach, CA

    Dear Michael,

    I’m back… from swimming pools and American marble: an autumn of daydream flips where a lipslide is also known as disaster. As it happens, everything continues to happen.

    “Nothing but mesh,” you said, spinning a yarn of the interconnectedness of things, atelary contexture of equipment slides from the maw. A backward glance at the court, standing on your own four wheels to map that maple, reveals no more than the lachrymal orange of a spinning ball. You’re right: to a one shot conquerer, the thrashing of the heart’s Ω is the tint of a splash of gin. Always and already, the heft of thingsdangles from a breakaway rim beyond which a three-point line is a breathless length. The ball’s progress plots a dribbled constellation of half-clues, asterisms, black cats, red herrings. H-O-R-S-E, you whispered. Then,jammed into space: an outstretched leap invulnerable to fatigue, something like an astronaut’s free fall, shuttles thoughts towards their a leathery suspension. Around the world, lost satellite reception is a reminder thatwhole histories may be falling just as you are. GM, GP, GS, and the rest.

    Beyond this horizon, one could hazard a guess as to what you meant by gleaming the cube to steal the bacon: 749mm of curbside aerology, every painting a clutch player.Again, the same jokes every night for all etoinity told in a voice like a one-strapped sack: after Viceroy, Your Airness, another meaning of ‘to travel’ wheels again towardsits foregone durometry {101A}. And though history might spin itself away, be assured: those persons who retain a historiographical relationship with the deck concern themselves with that which cannot be seen or handled of the deck. Still they ask themselves, fifteen years later, “Is it the shoes‽”

    Alex Ross

    {a handuful of letters : [dearmichael + dearmumanddad +deargiorgio+dearstefanoandraffaella +dearandreaandilariasometimesworkscomeforfree] = the sum of {…} <…> (…) […] : {parenthesis = [(invisibility + emptiness + silence) # (empty rooms> empty walls> johncage> jeppehein> tinosehgal> more> performance> a self translated song> the sky in a room)] # (gundamair # jordanair # loveisintheair # backpack # basketball # basketball cap # sportswear # dirty t-shirt # sneakers # rollerblade # wheels # skaters # trick # griptapes # plinth # stasis vs. movement # back to the future # eighties # tv programs # fonzie # childhood memory # now and then # disney # neon # round sunglasses to see the neon # the sun # giorgio de chirico at MoMA # [metaphysics approach # hidden memory # what we know and we have forgotten # culture # (burrus friedric skinner > gaetano salvemini)] : {[rome # (home> frutta> friends of rome)] + [london # (limoncello> commercialroadproject> ruth> a shared dream> peckingduck> friends of london)]} = {a long journey # [AB (ruth> adam> nina> valentinas> alex) + (maps of places you won’t !nd in a map> lost islands> palms> stolen pens)]} : {[LA # (palms again> sunshine> sunrise> tequilasunrise> istagram> marbles > I love marble cheescake!> my best cake ever!] : [a shared dream (“I’m clearly writing a message to you in the sand> I sink in the shadow of dust> rock, paper, scissors> I am nothing but glass> dust of realities mingled with magic sand… after I wake all I can see is the wind blowing these words away”)]} # norma # wanna be (artists & curator) # studio # small space vs. big space # {newamazingworks = [marbles : traditional materials (# greenforest # giallosiena # carrara # albachiara # botticino # emperadordark # teak wood # fossilblack) = newpaintings : a new way of painting (canvas > iphone5Ccolors > wheels > movement again > icons > smiles > dotdotdot > pop > minimal > !!!! > {…} richardarschwager)]} @

    — Ilaria Marotta


    * Simultaneously, we will present Psyco, a group exhibition by Gundam Air, Maiken Bent, Kate Owens and Ruth Proctor, at Hadrian – our project space.