Frutta | Jacopo Miliani, Easy as…or simple as…
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Easy as…or simple as…, 2014, Installation View, Frutta, Rome

Easy as…or simple as…, 2014, Installation View, Frutta, Rome

Easy as…or simple as…, 2014, Installation View, Frutta, Rome

Easy as…or simple as…, 2014, Installation View, Frutta, Rome

A, 2013, Photograph, Framed, 45.5 x 35 cm

B, 2013, Photograph, Framed, 45.5 x 35 cm

C, 2013, Photograph, Framed, 45.5 x 35 cm

  • 9 January – 28 February 2014

    We are thrilled to present the second solo show at the gallery by Jacopo Miliani.

    In 1926 Karel Teige, a Czech avant-garde artist and designer, illustrated the Western alphabet via photographs depicting the gestures of the dancer Milca Mayerová. This work is the initial reference point of Easy as…or simple as…, where Miliani re-enacts the full ABECEDA by Teige. Miliani is fascinated by how the representation of each letter through the dancer’s body brings an imagination of something different and not immediately recognizable. This concept brought Miliani to the idea of en-acting the same alphabet recreating and mimicking the 20th century style. In order to emphasize the value of representation, Miliani imposed a parrot masque on the face of a dancer, referring to repetition and representation. The parrot, as a bird, is actually a symbol of freedom. Traditionally parrots are also perceived as exotic animals, though they often appear in cages and are increasingly associated to a more domestic and dominated ‘reality’. In the exhibition, the juxtaposition of the parrot masque together with the ABECEDA results in a hybridization of languages. The artifice of the masque and the value of representation are important aspects of the exhibition, that bring the spectator to doubt reality, the same one we are trying to describe with words.

    Indeed words, which express meanings, are composed of letters and each representation of an alphabet conveys an infinitive potential of expression. This aspect surrounds the first room of the gallery through the recreation and personalization of ABECEDA. Importantly and differently, in the second room, the slide projection depicts an entire sentence (‘When we believe we are the ones saying, we are told’) which is a quote by the Italian writer-actor-director Carmelo Bene, who worked on the idea of the impossibility of dominating the language and the problem of representation. The performed sentence chosen by Miliani expresses perfectly how the repetition of a language can loos control and become an image with many connotations.

    The presence, as equally the absence, of the human body is also evident in the exhibition. Verbal language is translated by movements which Miliani’s photographs are able to freeze as traces of a dance which is no longer directly performed. The image of the body disappears in the third room. Within this room the sculptural work shows an action of paring two materials – mirror and marble – associating different shapes. The basic level of languages, which here is expressed through objects, evokes once again images that can not be controlled. It leads to the impossibility of distinguishing between right and wrong and makes the reality of the image impossible to define. However, there are many realities and as many viewers, whose gaze and body can be rflected in the mirrors, which are enlightened by a theatrical light.

    ‘Easy as…or simple as…’ like when Michael Jackson sang ABC


    * Simultaneously, we will present a solo exhibition by Marco Palmieri, at Hadrian – our project space.